≪Head Spa≫

This hair and scalp treatment uses a hot, steamed towel and special reclining-chair functions fully together with well-practiced stylist skills.

Sit back and relax with a warm towel as you enjoy a gentle scalp massage and pressure-point massage.

≪Carbonated Shampoo≫

As the name implies, this type of shampoo features refreshing carbonation. It comfortably stimulates your scalp, promotes healthier blood flow, and removes dead skin and so on. In addition, this shampoo is also believed to remove contaminants and impurities from the hair's surface.

≪Cool Shampoo Massage≫

This special shampooing service is commonly available in the summertime. The stylist shampoos the customer's hair, starting with warm water and gradually cooling it as they go while thoroughly massaging the scalp. This provides a pleasant cooling sensation during the hot summer months and is very relaxing. Salons offering cool shampoo massages often feature cool-looking interior shop designs as well.